Twolier Reviews (Sep 2021) Is The Online Portal Legit?

A newly launched e-retailer is approaching buyers with a wide-ranging collection at a surprising deal. However, is it legit? Read Twolier Reviews to know.

Are you looking for prom dresses to buy? Are you searching for the new 2021 latest designing dresses? Then, Twolier e-retailer can help you out.

Twolier is the clothing retailer in the e-commerce market, serving fashionable, chic, elegant prom dresses, sporting goods, outdoor decor, etc., in the United States

Anyhow, what if the site’s service isn’t as good as they are claiming? Let’s take a look at the site’s operation, and service policy, Twolier Reviews, benefits & drawbacks from the consumers end with its genuineness.

What is Twolier Web?

Twolier is the American-located web crafted to provide retail e-commerce service, mainly focusing on selling the latest & trendy prom dresses. In addition to it, the web also furnishes different decor items for the home and garden, several household tools, sporting accessories, and more.

After opening the site, you are about to see the top menu section divided into 5 menus heading- Home and Garden, Sporting Goods, Prom Dresses, Plus Size Dresses, and Prom Dress 2021 Collection. Anyhow, Is Twolier Legit? To verify that, we went to the product page and noticed each product is portrayed with several pictures captured in different angles with the proper specification.

Few selective commodities are being offered at an impressively discounted price. But, don’t rush to purchase; please check the next section and make wise decisions.

Specifications of Twolier:

  • Website Link Address:
  • Contactable Number: It is (260) 460-0225
  • Office Location: It is situated in 1593, South-1300 West, Salt-Lake City, Utah, 84104-United States.
  • Product details: The service is based on selling clothes, sports gear, outdoor and home decor.
  • Remarks: Twolier Reviews are available.
  • Email ID:
  • Timing of Shipping: The order is generally delivered within 5 to 7 days.
  • Return Procedure: Yes, available for only two weeks.
  • Costs of Shipping: No details are found. You can check it at the check-out time.
  • Cancellation Procedure: The data isn’t available. 
  • Refund Policy: No, a refund isn’t offered here. 
  • Payout System: PayPal.
  • Replacement Policy: Yes, it is allowed within two weeks.
  • News Letter: Available.


  • The site has a pretty wide range of collections.
  • Products are correctly classified into different categories.
  • While fetching Is Twolier Legit, we observed few commodities are available at a lesser price (discount is ongoing).
  • Service is provided globally.


  • Presence of negative reviews.
  • The index score is low.
  • No connection with the community channel.
  • No details about the cancellation.

Investigation of Twolier site’s legitimacy:

Check the details to examine the percentage of legitimate of Twolier and its services-

  • Domain Age: The site hasn’t been in the e-com market for a long time; the launching date is 11th August 2021.
  • Duplicate Content: Yes, present. It has been found around 22%.
  • Location Checking: It is legit, but no Twolier office has been found.
  • Remarks: Twolier Reviews are visible on different sites.
  • Owner Details: The owner information is hidden in whois data.
  • Registration Name: The recorded name is
  • Index Score: The score is too low, 2%. 
  • Community Channel Link: None has been found.
  • Shared Content: Yes, present. The common content percentage is 64%.
  • Broken Links: Yes, links have been exposed in our research. A total of 5 links are observed that are non-clickable (exp- email ID).
  • Missing Information: Cancellation process details aren’t mentioned.
  • Payment Process: Online via only PayPal.

Though the site is approaching wide-ranging collections at surprising deals; however, after examination of its genuineness, it seems not to be a secure site.

Twolier Reviews:

On the site, we couldn’t fetch any remarks related to the selling commodities and service; plus, no remarks section is also not fetched.  On Trustpilot, the user has clearly mentioned that she had been scammed and no product had been delivered till the date. The customer service number and email aren’t in service. 

Moreover, no community site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) link has been found. Scammed with a Credit Card? So, check here to know how to get a full refund on a Credit Card scam.  

Final Verdict:

According to Twolier Reviews and other factors, it is clearly understood that the web isn’t secure and seems to be highly suspicious. So, online buyers are recommended to visit any reliable site for buying prom dresses. Read and know some easy processes to get the PayPal refund if scammed. Do you like this blog? Please give your feedback below. 

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